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Moonlighter’s First Massive Update is Live

The More Stock Update, is already available for all PC players — for free! The update will follow on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 over the coming weeks so be sure to follow all our channels to stay up to date.


The biggest change players will notice from the very start are the new room patterns — more than 100, in fact — giving everyone a greater variety of dungeons to explore. Featuring some deadly new threats lurking in the shadows, there’s no fear of boredom creeping into your Moonlighter adventures! 

Alongside the new room patterns, special challenge has added. If you take the time to revisit a boss room after defeating the boss itself, well, you never know what kind of treasure may be awaiting your second coming. 

Last, but certainly not least, Due to popular demand they have added some hot new FX for enchanted weapons and armor skins representing the world you’ve visited. Your gear will look better than ever as you parade around in the new hotness.

These are just the most notable changes. For more information about the update, including the full change log, please visit us here:

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