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DimensionsVS launches early access on Steam on August 20

DimensionsVS is a chaotic, action-packed platform fighting game supporting both online and local play, and it’s completely free to play! Featuring tactical skill based 1v1s, to chaotic fights for survival in 4 player free for all matches, DimensionsVS has everything you want from a platform fighter!

Choose from a roster of unique characters and battle head-to-head with other players in a match to be the last player standing. Make use of a variety of different attacks and combos to rack up damage against your enemies before landing a finishing move and launching them off stage. Outmanoeuvre, outsmart and outplay your opponents to claim victory and prove to all that you are the ultimate fighter!


Take your fights online with our 4 player Free-For-All battles!
Stock and Timed modes so you can choose how you play!
6 unique characters each with their own unique moves and play styles. From the slow and tactical Major Renegade to the fast and dangerous Hiro!
Break the Targets mode
Training mode
Competitive quick-matching system to jump straight into the action!
Customisation! Create your own unique look with a variety of costumes and particle effects so that your opponents learn to fear you on sight!

DimensionsVS is completely free to play, with no in-game purchases granting any one player advantage over another. All purchases that can be made with real money are purely cosmetic, or can be acquired with currency earned in game.

DimensionsVS from TeePee Studios will launch early access on Steam on August 20.

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