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Graveball Serves up Three-on-Three Online Matches on PC

Graveball the spooky and savage skill-based sport where goblins kill one another (and themselves!) from developer Goin’ Yumbo and publisher 3D Realms, serves up three-on-three online matches on PC 31 July 2018.

On quiet, creepy nights in a local cemetery, depraved goblins play “Graveball,” a sport they take deadly serious. In this 3-on-3 meld of football and basketball, goblins score in three different ways: running a “skullball” into their opponent’s end zone, throwing it into a hoop that appears every 30 seconds, or eradicating the other team in quick succession with their dangerous bash-sticks.

Yet death is not the end for a goblin, no matter how exploded they are! Whether killed by another goblin or by slitting their own throats (we told you they take this seriously!), they become ghosts that can speed across the court before respawning. All sorts of skill-based tricks await including ghostly positioning, grabbing a reaper’s scythe from the spirit realm, and throwing clubs across the court for last minute saves .

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